Toko HF Hot Wax BLACK Base Prep (40G)

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The Toko HF Hot Wax Black (40g) is used as a base wax or mixed as an additive. It is a highly fluorinated racing wax with uique DLC additive that enables maximum dirt repellency. It acts as a bonding agent for top finish products (100% fluoro overlays).

Conditions: dirty snow conditions and aggressive artificial snow


About Toko Tribloc Technology

  • Replaces the venerable Dibloc technology used previously in Toko's waxes.
  • The result of two years of lab analysis and three of practical testing.
  • Tribloc features new paraffins, a new type of fluorine and a previously uknown anti-static additive fused together.
  • All this breaks down to better glide, faster acceleration and superior dirt and water repellency.
  • Toko's best wax yet!

About Toko DLC Technology

  • DLC (Diamond Like Carbon).
  • Toko HF Black, LF Black and NF Black use the DLC technology.
  • DLC increases the hardness of the ski base and makes it more resistant.
  • Can be used as a base wax or mixed with standard racing waxes as an additive.
  • Advantages are improved dirt-repellency and abrasion resistance.
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